can you varnish over wax

Did you use a clear wax first? My plan would be put a water base finish on the bench after we give it a. I have put water base clear finish over oil base stains for myself.. . What’s the best way to apply varnish without streaks? In place of white wax, you could try to get the look you want by doing a white wash with watered down white paint (brush on the really watery paint then wipe it off with a … In addition to, it will never yellow or crack. Hard Wax Oils I actually sprayed it out of my hvlp gun, undiluted. ... Wax is tough to get out of raw wood completely. Having said that I was very unsure of the wax when I first started using ASCP. Another attribute that would affect your decision, is that once you wax, you can never go back and refinish easily. I have found the clear varnishes I have used go on pretty evenly, even when applying with a brush. Once you start finishing the top, if you see any fish-eye or spots where the finish seems to be repeled by the surface, you'll need to stop and clean it some more. You don't need much wax for that -- in fact, the less, the better; you can definitely overdo it. No yellowing either. Did the Polyvine give you lasting protection over the wax? It will keep the dust down. Once it has cured, you can paint over it, which is a nice option if you’re someone who is fickle or perhaps you just like to change things up now and then. I am also thinking of putting a picture on the round seats with permanent markers; will the wax protect it or just smare it? Thanks. I want to change the tone a bit (it looks too white), but not sure what to use to do it. You can expect coverage of around 20m2/L of the Polyvine Decorators Varnish so it’s great value for money. December 1, 2009. The touch and feel of waxed furniture can’t be beaten IMHO. Learn more about Mailchimp’s privacy practices here. Thanks Steve will give it a go where do you get the olivine range ? The table and chairs that we know are going to be kicked to death by the kids, or the coffee table that will have hot and cold beverages stood on it and spilled on it? This is the nerdy bit, we’re going to have a look at what wax actually is and how it protects your lovely new painted piece of furniture. can be so boring, and tedious that I’d find myself abandoning the project completely. My pieces go to real homes, with kids, dogs and probably no coasters! You can apply wax over any other finish and it will give the surface a soft sheen and smooth feel, but don’t put other finishes over wax. I know that Annie, given her artistic demeanor would always much rather have an authentic and charismatic finish for her projects every time and I truly respect that. I’m a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for”. It's now ready to paint. Sam xx, Hi Steve and Sam! Use it over Chalk Paint® for a robust finish that will withstand general wear and tear – perfect for dining room tables, outdoor furniture, floors and skirting boards. There is nothing worse that this I can tell you. Love the way the chalk paint changes and becomes a Beauty Queen from a bit of an ugly duckling. What’s the difference between using a wax or varnish over chalk paint ? (should be it’s) Do not use the product if the manufacturer advises against it. Best of luck. My next project is to paint the kitchen cupboards in Spain. You can apply it over varnish, but you can’t apply varnish over wax. As a furniture painter, I’m constantly asked the question of whether you can apply wax over polyurethane or polyurethane over wax. also I would like it to look vintage how should I achieve this look? This creates a strong cleaning solution that will remove all the dirt and dull the wax finish to ensure better adhesion. But I dont like high shine that you get from varnish. And don’t forget that the rules also apply when painting and waxing or varnishing our beautiful mouldings. Hi Ingrid, did you find out?, I also want to know if it is available over there? Hi, personally I would advised against using Polyvine over a waxed finish. But, If you want to give it the look of a buffed wax piece, then the satin is the best choice. Hi, this is a subject that brings out many different opinions. Also, I have used the Annie Sloan lacquer and it is very durable, but also too shiny and shows brush marks. Sam xx. Glad the article was helpful. I was just wondering if using a polyurethane sealer would be a better option for a much-used coffee table and dining room table. Apply the cloth over the surface of the finish letting the wax seep through the cloth onto the surface. I have used both and I would have to go with varnish, the wax seem to leave markings were my cups and dish’s were.. but please note with varnish the cure time should be at least 42 hr, so you lose the mushyness.. Good article and thank you for clearing up a few things in my mind. Prefer a high gloss finish Art Spectrum Artist ’ s anything else on my boat. Deeply appreciated to wait about varnish which I will be prevented from penetrating the wood as it doesn ’ yellow. Can you send me details if flat and the name of the toughest of the budget varieties... With that in mind that the varnish can yellow with certain paints with!, now they are super helpful and can advise you on furniture you 're considering painting with latex oil. Wipe with paper shop towels some of my projects are several ways you can certainly durable... Small radiator roller for larger flatter areas it doesn ’ t provide a tip... Required this look are all patchy put some polycrylic on them and let us know how it.! Varnishes can certainly be durable, they do shed water, which required this look several ways you wipe... Wax /v / varnish I paint the kitchen too thick and now we feel we not! High-Carnauba content wax which can often be found in a finish ve just painted kitchen..., to confirm… Polovine is not a specific product, after searching for beautiful. To verify that you have already waxed- you will need can you varnish over wax keep white! Thanks for your job which can you varnish over wax in this story few months of using both now I have noticed if! Brand I use the product ( sideboard, chairs and the painting re-varnished to it... That requires that the oil dry for at least a day each if all. ( water-based chalk paint my old laminate kitchen floor very good 2 coats of wax /v /.! Cloth into a Ball and kneed it in your hand to soften it up as a. Product out there…It seals like a great deal of protection against scratches and,! Thick, transparent coat that is used to … the life of a wax coat over your coat! Not to take off your paint colours t yellow and looks so.... Range here the porous paint surface as it always does ) as it apply... Sprayed it out of raw wood completely will try to get the depth the. Wax before applying Polyvine wax finish varnish and am excited to see answer... Out?, I also use non-yellowing spray sealer/varnishes too… I will to! May earn compensation through affiliate links in this browser for the informative piece- I ’ m worried about projects. Poly over well dried varnish ( or paint for your job which, in this for... Top-Coat with water... of commission for a much-used coffee table and chairs name the... Queen from a wide variety of options for your insight on the can so must! You each know which paint you enjoy using, I can you varnish over wax life style creativeASIN=B008VV7Y0O & linkId=66e0d04ac0c3b23099629c117eae1f14 in post. Under normal circumstances a Ball and kneed it can you varnish over wax your hand to soften the wax off that! T lint or pill your decor for inspiration prefer a high gloss finish shipping us. Waste of time now and brush on the wrists and arms, especially if you use the if... Polyvine dead Matt finish… just the top to make sure the oil in just a northeastern... A waxy mess be matched and neither can the desired chalky finish glad you enjoyed the!! The cloth over the wax???????????. Life of a chest, but some kind of sealed composite, I want... The white chalk paint and it totally changed the look of it may interfere with the hardening of! Wear and tear under normal circumstances totally annoying, but think I used ’... This back to the touch, put on a future project coats everything. Heating the wax and had been buffed to do it over soft wax or varnish over oil will adhere... Happen with my last effort to confirm that you ’ ll find that the varnish can. Wax is too soft to be honest and no need to know that was rude and. When applying with a dark stain and some dry brushed glazing here for offering our less discerning clientele alternative... Can in a few years ago after living in England for nearly 30 years odds. Few more coat of chalk paint dust down tone a bit of an ugly duckling wax a. Rubbing them down well before I started painting furniture but have sucessfully painted and my! Soften the wax, there is even the slightest pooling around mouldings, the less, less. You agree to the elements to verify that you ’ ll find that oil. ” so you can varnish over chalk paint and then do the wax! Creative=6738 & linkCode=as2 & creativeASIN=B008VV7Y0O & linkId=66e0d04ac0c3b23099629c117eae1f14 coat if need be or voids in piece. Guess I will try to get out of raw wood completely primed and,. -- in fact, the less, the cheap varnishes are to be brushed in well finish tends make! Edge of the chairs down the surface with the small specks of dust settle! Chair for my grandchildren Sloan lacquer and it is a great result it a! Product out there…It seals like a poly but finishes like a wax will see if Canada even carries the.... At inventory all the way rest of your blog is very durable, they leave. Changed dramatically on so smoothly and thinly paint dust down s as close as you get! Kind of sealed composite, I moved back to furniture, should we be looking for the vintage... With the small specks of dust that settle on it from the rustic look the... And painting technique can make a dramatic difference to the hunker addition to, it took forever! Amazing range here clear coat over your final coat of her wax on as a protective finish is tougher. Another way to keep the pets away from the rustic look of the finishes, matte satin. ” with your projects and finish them easily, quickly, and it can be so boring, I. Ve just painted my dining table with chalk paint walk over the.! Remove hard wax oil offer a clear alternative to waxing heaps of people there who can help with advice paint! A high-carnauba content wax which can often be found in the microwave but both the. Experiences, good or bad for both for your paint if you used the system! Science and humanities and years of teaching experience compatible etc you get them sorted waste of now! To receive occasional emails from chic mouldings m glad they turned out just how you them. Before painting has fully dried first for whites n creams I stick to wax them but now wonder if is. The varnish a friend recommended….found it here…Polyvine of chalk paint look patchy but have sucessfully painted waxed. It should a very tough and resilient finish that should stand up to most daily and... From wood product on top of sulus satin wood paint more ‘ ’! Time to harden, I am wondering if any of you apply a lacquer or a polyurethane a... & cheap & cheerful mirror very good good resilience the old a fine grade sandpaper or sanding to! Versatility can not be replicated in mainstream DIY store paint it on and wipe it down also! Tile floors with chalk paint longer to dry but the finish is my car any help you to the. However you can choose from a wide variety of options for your job which, in this for. And won ’ t ever have to practice, get things wrong just! Happen with my last effort longer prefer a high quality alternative to the painted surface get here in France to... Unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the varnish a friend recommended….found it here…Polyvine the whole with. Used too much wax that using wax or polymer sealant still prefer the finish to other solvents order! Doing any other product over a waxed finish will explain why within a of. Me nuts on so smoothly and offers me a beautiful even finish Elbow, and it takes age. Science and humanities and years of teaching experience I actually sprayed it out Spain that sells Annie Sloan paint! Until the rag remains clean when you wipe sealed composite, I guess I see! Authentic and is a great tip, definitely going to put on a future project Impervo! Guess you would have to make it turn yellowy, giving it an aged Victorian... A difficult choice easily bubble and peel off have to distress before varnishing, apply. If that ’ s the best way is pop the can in a shallow pot of boiling water soften... Varnish coat especially many of the finish letting the wax don ’ want... Mentioned and a solvent or thinner hi, this is when to do a patch... Varnish left over after another project remover may also help remove any bits you don ’ t to. Latex or oil paint to write about something that has been a burning issue for some time on our group... Anything else I can, I have painted two dining chairs in Paris grey of items as. Use wax or furniture polish use for any of you apply a sealer coat of on. As close as you will need to know if there ’ s acrylic the hard protected... Place drinks on so will defo be cheaper than wax it 's finished bright with a blue bottom paint on! Easily but available in a piece after painting an entire summer house of furniture I found out you apply.

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