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Tournament Summary

Beginners practice begins Nov. 1, 2019 from 6-7:30 pm. Practices are Wednesdays and Fridays 6-7:30 pm.

Advanced practice begins Nov. 4, 2019 from 6-8 pm.  Practice Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 6-8 pm. Wednesdays and Fridays for technique 6-7:30 pm.

8th-10th Journeymen Dual K-8

15th-17th West Penn Dual K-8

14th-17th Tulsa Kick Off (open)

20th-22nd No Practice at St. Ed’s (Practice place TBA)

23rd  Finger Lakes Dual K-8

24th BWA @ Lutheran West (Old OeYWL)

28th No Practice Thanksgiving

30th- Dec. 1st Indiana Outlaws K-8

1st Indiana Outlaws Dual K-8

1st BWA @ Lutheran West

7th Perry Dual K-6

8th BWA @ FIrelands

13th NOVICE Scramble @ Baldwin Wallace 

14th OAC Grade School Sectional @ Alliance

15th OAC Grade School Sectional @ New Lexington, Oak Harbor, and Springsboro

15th Cleveland State JH 7-8 (team)

15th BWA @ Firelands

21st Defense Soap Dual K-8

22nd BWA @ Lutheran West

28th LeBeouf JH 

29th OAC Grade School Sectional @ Wauseon, Kenston, and Dublin Jerome

29th Powerade JH K-8

31st No Practice New Year’s Eve

1st No Practice New Year’s Day

4th Wadsworth Dual K-6

4th OAC Grade School Sectional @ Northmont

5th OAC Grade School Sectional @ Mansfield

5th BWA @ Perry

10th-11th Harrison JH

11th OAC Grade School Sectional @ Moeller

11th Olentangy Liberty 7-8 (team)

13th Perrysburgh OAC District k-6 (open)

12th OAC Grade School Districts @ Perrysburg

12th BWA @ Clearview

17th-18th Tulsa Nationals (open)

18th OAC Grade School Sectionals @ Lima and Columbiana

18th Mechanicsburg JH 7-8

19th BWA @ Amherst

28th OAC Grade School Districts @ Thomas Worthington

19th OAC Grade School Sectionals @ Chillicothe

20th Maple Heights Dual K-6

25th Northern Allegheny JH 7-8 (team)

26th OAC Grade School Districts @ Mason

26th BWA All Star Tournament

1st OAC Grade School Districts @ Jackson

2nd BWA Sectional Tournament

2nd Dual with Cleveland Central Catholic @ CSU

7th Westshore Fundraiser @ Grindstone Tap House

9th OAC Junior High Districts @ Harrison, Norwalk, Olentangy, and Brecksville

15th OAC Grade School Districts @ Troy Christian

16th BWA Championships @ Maple Heights

22nd OAC Grade School Sectionals @ Steubenville

22nd Ohio Way Regional (open)

23rd OAC Grade School Districts @ Logan

23rd OAC Junior High Districts @ Steubenville, Butler, Clay, and Tri Valley

1st OAC Grade School Districts @ East Liverpool

8th OAC Grade School DIstricts @ Midpark

8th Ohio Novice States

20th-22nd OAC Junior High States 6-8

26th No Practice @ St. Ed’s (Practice will be in Vermilion)

27th-29th OAC Grade School States K-6

2nd-5th Reno (open)

18th-19th Tournament of Champions (open)